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María José Maddox


B. 1982 in the Lake District in southern Chile. 

I completed a Ph.D. in 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature from the University of Colorado Boulder.

I was one of the producers of History Colorado's award-winning podcast "Lost Highways: Dispatches from the Shadows of the Rocky Mountains" for three seasons. 

My drawings and collages have appeared in

"Ethel" v.8 "Streetcake Magazine," "Tiny Spoon," "Sassafras Literary Magazine,
"Third Wednesday," "Gravel Magazine,""Revista Yzur", and "491 Magazine."

My debut short-story "American Flag" was published by Collateral Journal in May 2021. 

And “Ari, Arizona” found a home at Pile Press, an alternative publishing collective for women and non-binary, and gnc creatives.  

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